Policies & terminology

Each event we post in the quarterly newsletter and in the online calendar, receives of the following ratings to help members decide with events best suit their lifestyle.

CLOSED – Will be used to describe events to be attended by WOODS members only.  These may be events held at private locations e.g. a WOODS member’s home or space rented by WOODS.

Note: if you would like to bring a non-member partner or friend to a closed event, we ask that you check in advance with the WOODS member who is hosting or arranging the event.  It will be up to the hostess to decide and advise other attendees that there will be a non-member attending. the event would then be considered open.

OPEN – Will be used to describe events to be attended by WOODS and non-WOODS members, e.g. events held in public places such as a movie theatre.  Note Male attendees are restricted to WOODS’ family members only.

CHILD-FRIENDLY – Will be used to describe any event which is deemed appropriate for children to attend, e.g. ice skating, snow tubing, picnics in the park etc.


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